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Jesus made disciples in small groups. He also ministered to the individual disciple when the need arose. Small group discipleship versus one-on-one discipleship is not “either-or, but “both-and.” Jesus did both. Rather discipling twelve men individually and independently of each other, Jesus developed team spirit in His disciples. When one needed private ministry, Jesus ministered to that person privately, but most of their discipleship was a group project. In the same way, it is not enough for disciples to relate to Jesus, they must relate with each other.


What is a Life Group?

The Life Group is the primary venue to make disciples in Every Nation Hong Kong. It is a forty to sixty-minute weekly meeting where people help each other grow in their relationship with God and others through God’s Word and prayer.


How do I get connected to one?

Various Life Groups meet simultaneously at this time, and we will make sure to connect you to one of them. Just fill up the form below.

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