What is normal? (Part 1)

There is a wedding scene in a local HK film called Mad World (“一念無明”) that I watched a few months back, it is about a recovering bipolar patient who is trying to be reintegrated back to society. As the newly married couple were speaking, the guests were paying no attention at all which is quite the norm in HK. Tung, the recovering patient, went up to the stage and started to say how great it was to see his friend get married but he also went on to tell the guests off why they think it is “normal” to not listen to the speech but keep on talking amongst themselves about how much it cost to buy the rings. Tung was right in saying that he maybe ill but at least he knows he should pay respect to the newlyweds.He was doing the “NORMAL” thing whereas the normal people were doing the ABNORMAL things!

He was doing the “NORMAL” thing whereas the normal people were doing the ABNORMAL things!

What are some of the “normal” things that we do here which are actually not normal?

  • Is it normal that our kids need to do dictation in school every week?
  • Is it normal that we have to tell our kids that they are useless before they become “useful”?
  • Is it normal that students are committing suicide because they don’t see a future?
  • Is it normal that hospital staffs are overworked so that they can’t give quality care?
  • Is it normal that parents are asked to abort their babies because they have deformities?
  • Is it normal that HK does not have a law that persecute those who are human traffickers?
  • Is it normal when parents don’t want to send their kids to school where there are too many mainlanders?
  • Is it normal that domestic helpers have to worship separately from the rest of the church just because they are DH?
  • Is it normal that we come late to church?
  • Is it normal that we don’t come to church because of some bad experiences or you got offended?
  • Is it normal that we don’t make disciples because we don’t have time?
What are some “normal” things that are in fact “abnormal” to you?
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